What is a Spirit Bag Or Pendant?


Spirit Bag by MildaMade in Agate and Upcycled Leather

Spirit Bags are handmade by Milda, and are sacred containers to hold personal items of significance, such as herbs, stones, or other objects believed to possess spiritual or healing powers. These pouches are often worn as necklaces, close to the heart, symbolizing the connection between the wearer and the spiritual or medicinal contents within.

Similar talismans have existed since the beginning of humanity in cultures around the world. Here are some examples:

  • Native American: Many Native American tribes use medicine bags to hold sacred objects for protection, healing, or spiritual purposes.
  • African: In many African cultures, practitioners of traditional medicine carry small pouches or bags containing herbs, roots, or charms believed to have healing or protective properties.
  • Middle Eastern: The use of amulets and talismans is prevalent in Middle Eastern cultures. These can be small pouches or items containing inscriptions from religious texts or symbols believed to bring luck, protection, or ward off evil.
  • European: European folklore and spiritual traditions include the use of charms, amulets, or small bags filled with herbs, stones, or other objects believed to have magical or protective properties.
  • South American: Indigenous cultures in South America have their own traditions of using small bags or pouches, often called "mesas" or "ayahuasca pouches," which contain sacred objects, herbs, or offerings used in healing ceremonies or shamanic practices.
  • Asian: Various Asian cultures, such as Chinese, Tibetan, or Thai, have traditions of using amulets, charms, or small bags containing religious symbols, prayers, or blessed items believed to bring luck, protection, or spiritual benefits.

These are just a few examples, and the use of medicine bags or talismans can be found in many other cultures worldwide. The specific beliefs and practices associated with them may vary, but the underlying concept of carrying or wearing a personal object believed to possess spiritual or protective qualities is widespread.