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Manifest Pyrite Spirit Bag

Manifest Pyrite Spirit Bag

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Handcrafted from upcycled fashion industry scraps, each spirit bag is meticulously hand-cut, sewn and assembled by Milda.

  • Hand-stitched and embroidered upcycled suede leather
  • Small pouch designed to hold stones or earth elementals for protection or medicine work
  • Ideal for balancing the Solar Plexus and Root Chakra
  • Features powerful Pyrite crystals for manifestation and grounding Lava Beads for anger dissipation
  • Both stones are forged of fire and gives courage to the wearer.
  • Other materials used are upcycled faceted silver beads and lime embroidery floss

What is a Spirit Bag Or Pendant?

Spirit Bags are handmade by Milda, and are sacred containers to hold personal items of significance, such as herbs, stones, or other objects believed to possess spiritual or healing powers. These pouches are often worn as necklaces, close to the heart, symbolizing the connection between the wearer and the spiritual or medicinal contents within.

Similar talismans have existed since the beginning of humanity in cultures around the world.

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Care Instructions

Each piece is crafted by hand from reimagined and vintage materials, so please wear with care. The stones can be polished with a soft cloth. Please take care not to bring leather in contact with oils or lotions, or it may discolor.


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